I would like to commend Kerri Sanford, and her team, for an excellent job in assisting my sister with her Medicare/Medicaid insurance needs.

Four years ago, Kerri helped me help my sister in getting established with Medicaid, and subsequently with her Medicaid insurance plans. She was able to work with us long distance, via email and telephone 3-way calling. The plan she suggested for my sister worked out perfectly, and we feel so blessed that she has such excellent coverage and benefits.

This year, my sister missed her annual update with Medicaid and her insurance became inactive. I contacted Kerri at the end of February, needing practically overnight assistance. Kerri jumped right in, instructing us to supply relative information, and with that, my sister was re-established with Medicaid and with a new insurance plan, effective March 1!

We were so relieved,  and are grateful to Kerri for her outstanding service, caring, and compassion. Many thanks to Kerri and her team. We would have been lost without them.

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